Faculty Structure


The Director shall be an Eminent Scientist/Expert/ Doyen of International Repute/Faculty in any of the Research Institutions/Universities. The appointment of the Director may be for a period of three years which may be extended on the basis of his/her performance. The Pay and Allowances of the Director may be at par with the emoluments he/she was drawing in the parent institution. Each time a new Director is appointed his/her field of expertise may not be same as the previous Director.

Professor Emeritus

A Scientist/faculty/expert/Doyen of extra ordinary merit may be invited and appointed as Professor Emeritus in the Inter University Centre for a stipulated period.ed period.

Adjunct Faculty

Any scientist/Faculty/Doyen working in the relevant filed in any institution/University can extend their service for a stipulated period of time in the inter University Centre as adjunct Faculty. The adjunct faculty may be eligible for pay and allowances drawn in the parent institution.

Scientists/Scientific Officers (Permanent Core Faculty)

The appointment to the above post shall be made through open recruitment. Candidates having proven record of research as evident from high quality publications may only be considered for the above post. The Scientist/Scientific Officer shall support the Director/Professor Emeritus/Adjunct faculty for research activities and may make the pillars of the institution. Their pay may be in the pattern of Scientists in the CSIR Institutions.

Super specialty Hospital

Faculty Structure

  • Professor
  • Visiting Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Senior Resident
  • Junior Resident